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Saturday, August 09, 2014

We went to Manila Peninsula a few days ago to attend an event. I was mistaken to think this was only going to be a talk because as soon as I entered the ballroom... all I saw was medical facilities. Shocked as I was, I went ahead and got my Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure checked. I also got an appointment with the Doctor for Family Medicine. Now, I think I already knew what I was under from the last checkup in December. The thing is, it's gotten worse. Not so great news to start this but since I'm advised to take maintenance drugs already, I'm not too keen in spending a lot for it just like most Filipinos. Good thing, there's Watsons Generics now. 

Dr. Anthony Leachon explained the Philippine health condition. He showed the demographics on how poverty and distance from Manila makes it a higher percentage to have heart problems, cancer and other diseases because there's no infrastructure for prevention. Patients with inadequate health literacy also are more likely to be hospitalized too because most patients would rather not listen to doctors. He also said the public and private section should help health causes, he's glad that Watsons and SM Foundation has done this today. 

Health and Business Director of Watsons Danilo Chiong, says they are launching Watsons Generics would make medicines affordable, make consumers aware about health and providing a wide range of quality choices. Watsons also continue to train frontliners so they can be experts also to offer patient counseling and do blood pressure checks. They are also going to do health events like the one I went through, hopefully to become accessible to more Filipinos. 

Undersecretary Teodoro Herbosa says "We are now looking at a healthier future for Filipinos, and we are investing on the citizenry especially the poor. We are doing governance reforms for hospitals, upgrade health facilities and improve policies, regulations and sector management. All these are being done un DOH and PhilHealth". The SIN taxes really helped fund services for the poor and give a greater budget for PhilHealth making better and standardized payments for more common illnesses and giving more focus to Filipinos.

Lorna Tolentino also adds that it's important to have affordable medicine because not everyone can get it easily. She also believes the 150 years of experience that Watsons has just speaks how much they care for the health and well being of people around the world. Edu Manzano says that there are only a few brands that he believes in because endorsing it would mean being one with them. He believes in Watsons.

Now there's more choices for quality medicines right inside every Watsons store near you. It's got the Watsons Generics brand on it so you are sure you're getting the best quality for the money you buy.


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