My 3 Day Sale Experience at SM Sta. Mesa!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hey you! I've been so excited to actually go to SM Sta. Mesa and decided to actually tell you about it. For those who haven't gone there yet, you have 2 days left, up until Sunday to get the best deals up to 70% off on your favorite items. When I got there, you must know where I headed. This is the Men's shoes section. I've got several pairs at home that I haven't even used yet but we gotta do what we gotta do. 

When the red flag is up, it's showing that I've got 50% off the original price on shoes. That's more reason to get one right?

All American looking boat shoes from Outland, but it's only 800 pesos. Crazy!

This one's from Milanos, I wanted this and it only costs 799 too.

This one's perfect for those semi formal occasions. When I grabbed it from the shelf and saw that it's only 800 bucks, I got it! They said people got the smaller sizes already and this is the last one. Thank gawd I've got big feet ha! It's from Mario D Boro so it's surely one that's got quality. I went on to the next rack and checked the other shoes that would get my attention. 

GBX had some really good shoes on display and I've been looking for something that I'd wear everyday. This red, white and black number is in the league because I'm a UE Red Warrior. Plus, it's only 900 bucks. A good deal doesn't come easy these days so I got this one too.

And when I was almost done fitting my shoes, I saw this on the table right in front of the GBX rack. I love how comfy it is and still stays in form. I also like the interior. Took this one home too. Same brand GBX and it looks exactly like the 5K worth shoes I was wearing that afternoon. This one's only 1,300 pesos, it's usually almost 3K on regular days so I took it without even blinking. 

So I've already got my shoes and was about to go home happy, I lined up at the counter and computed that I have spare pesos to get something else. Good thing I was right beside the Toy Section which just had something I wanted for my van.

I had to hoard the Furbies! (Thanks Azrael for this photo!) It will sit right at the back where everyone else would be able to play with it, Mom included! 

There's also more pants and shirts that you would love from great brands on the ground floor. I resisted, or else I'd be scratching cards at this point. We went a little hungry also so we went to Wendy's and spent a couple of hours there.

The burgers were all big and meaty but you know what catched our fancy? The SALAD BAR is back and it only costs P199 on selected Wendy's Stores. It's a good thing the SM Sta. Mesa branch has it! We saw some really big attempts on the salad bar and they even told us that some would stack like 6 inches high. Don't you miss doing this in Wendy's? I miss it too, Biggie Iced Tea comes a close second! Well, you've got to make plans and visit SM Sta. Mesa this weekend to catch the last two days of sale and dining with the salad bar at Wendy's! I'm a very happy boy, you guys work too hard so go reward yourself this payday weekend! You deserve it!


You can even win a Suzuki Ertiga in the raffle as every P1K purchase can get you one raffle stub! They're giving away phones too so what are you still doing at home? Come join the fun in SM! Remeber, you've got 2 days more!


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