Alex Gonzaga's Farm Tour Prank with Loren Legarda

Monday, September 20, 2021

What started as a tour in Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda's family farm and property has become a stressful prank courtesy of funny YouTuber and comedy star Alex Gonzaga.

The place is nice, they employed ecological practices to grow flowers, vegetables, medicinal plants which they also harvested and consume in real life. Though we know Ms. Loren to be a strict hard hitting journalist on TV, she's quite relaxed telling Alex more about what she could also do with the plants seen inside the farm. She also gave Alex some to take home so she could share with her folks and husband if ever they needed Aloe Vera for hair treatment. Alex likened the place to popular Sonya's Garden in Tagayatay, and true enough they got some of it for a small salad serving later on in the tour. She also explained Republic Act 9003 Ecological Solid Waste Management Law, which she authored in 2001.

While walking in the property, Ms. Loren found Alex scratching, and immediately, Ms. Loren called a hospital's dermatological head, suggesting antihistamine. They were calling her Toni most of the time, she got stressed even more. She acted really itchy, cried too, when Ms. Loren pulled out a tube of topical steroid from her bag (she's that ready!), Alex Gonzaga then revealed that it was a prank.

Oh Alex! You got the Deputy Speaker fooled, hook line and sinker!

Watch the prank unfold here! So silly!


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