You've Got to See the IKEA Festival

Thursday, September 16, 2021

In the coming weeks, you'll see a lot of IKEA popup displays as part of IKEA Festival. They're all raring to go open later but before that, they're making you see some of the pieces that they have inside the store displayed in a mock home, wherein you can sit on the chair, touch the table, go through the kitchen, play with children in these spaces. They'll be rolling out more in the next few months so you've got to see them all!

Ms. Aileen Prodigalidad of IKEA says "If you don't know how to cook, you can learn a lot about things here. Gamers also will have so much fun with the IKEA Gaming Range. The IKEA Festival will be opening the store for us, this will be through the IKEA Museum. You will travel back in time and see how the pieces came together."

The POP UP Store in Mall of Asia currently isn't selling the pieces, it's more of an inspiration so when you see the IKEA store open soon, you already have an idea what to get. It's like a real home, so you see everything in place, even the small knickknacks on the cupboard if you are looking for kitchen stuff.

If you want to join the IKEA FESTIVAL, just head on to the official website for the event and just click on start watching, there are different rooms in the festival. If you want cooking, design, gaming, there are specific rooms for you. They also have topics for sustainability which you can learn more about in the site.

Can't wait for the store opening, but for the meantime, this will do!


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