Spruce Up Your Work and School Spaces with Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi

Monday, September 06, 2021

You've been working so hard at home, some of us are still studying online. Have you thought of tidying up your space? Or maybe look for things that could speed things up? How do you maintain work life balance during these days when everything seems so stressful? Here are a few things you can do to make it better!

Fix Up Your Space

You spend quite a number of hours in your work/study area so make sure it's comfortable. It should be conducive for what you are doing, so you have to make it clutter free. If it's something that you're not using for days, put it in proper storage rather than on top of your table. If you're using gadgets, a desktop computer, tidy up the cables and make sure it's not spread around. Hook it up or put cable organizers. Put pens and pencils in one place, cutters and scissors in another. Making it clutter free will also make you think clearly, put you into zen mode especially on those days when you're stressed and pressured. 


Speed and Reliability of your Internet Connection

Work, study and play won't happen if you don't have internet connection these days. I've always used data but always end up with a heated phone because it can't handle all my workload. Aside from that, everybody else at home needs internet. Globe’s At Home Prepaid Wifi was a lifesaver for us during a line outage in my locale. It's super fast and reliable because it connects to LTE. You can also share internet for other devices and people at home. It's quite affordable too because they've made it easy to load and subscriber to sulit promos. You can opt for the HS199 code which has 30GB  of data which you can use for 7 days. Pretty cheap, but amazingly fast.

Observe Work-Life Balance

The stress will also be there, but of course, if you're already working at home, where do you draw the line? If you work in the office from 8-5pm in the past, you should do the same even when you're at home. Truth is, some of us are even more efficient because we're more relaxed in our caves. But once work is done, it should be done. I used to never take vacations in the past, and it ended up making me burn out quite a bit and uninspired. Make time for family, for friends, because the amount of time you spend with them are precious. It doesn't have to cost much, make memories with them and don't even hesitate to tell them how much you love em. A simple game would do. Trust me on that.

By the way, if you're looking for things that can spruce up your space at work or at home, you can purchase the Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi through Globe's official store in Lazada. You can also get the chance to win Coocaa 55 inck 4K capable Android 10 and Smart flat screen Ultra HD LED Frameless TV worth Php 24,490. You can connect your devices to it too and the internet, so you don't have to make a fuzz when you need to look up things on the web. It's only available from September 1 to 30, so hurry!


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