VICE GANDA's Much Awaited US Concert: Vax Ganda: A Dose Of Laughter

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Missing Vice Ganda this afternoon as the Unkabogable star wasn't in the show (It's Showtime!), me thinking she must be really preparing for this October's US concert called Vax Ganda: A Dose Of Laughter. 

Witnessing the very successful Gandemic: The VG-Tal Concert a couple months ago would just be something like a preview to what she can do. Vice actually just didn't impress with her song and dance numbers, but whoa... the fashion content in that show could rival any international concert of a pop star. Yes, she didn't shortchange us in that department, I couldn't say much, but I think those pieces were designed for her, something that the unkabogable star could only carry. Now I think she's going to have new ones in the new concert called VAX GANDA: A Dose of Laughter, in Pechanga, Southern California (Temecula) on October 15 and 16 and at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut on October 24. Guests include MC and Lassy, plus the Queen of Teleserye Songs Angeline Quinto (plus a very special guest that's going to be a big surprise!).

What to expect? Vice Ganda and a team of creatives will take care of fun and laughter and Marvin Querido will handle musical direction (he's got 34 years of experience in the music industry, has handled several concerts in a span of 15 years) so you're sure to get entertained. It's been a while since Vice has done something with a live audience, which is why she's so excited to do this! 

She says "It has been a while since I've done a concert in the US. I haven't stepped foot on a stage with a live audience for over a year and suffice to say, I super miss my fans and the huge madlang people. Nothing energizes me more that human interaction, your positivity and laughter. I can't wait to feel that again in Pechanga and Mohegan Sun this October, I hope I get to see you there!"

As of recent, tickets have been sold out in Connecticut and only a few are left for the Pechanga. For those who are looking for tickets, simply head on to and For updates, go follow Vice's social channels @vicegandako on Twitter, @praybetbenjamin on IG and Vice Ganda on FB and YouTube.  

You must be excited too! I can't blame you!


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