Intelligent World 2030 Report Released by Huawei

Friday, September 24, 2021

Tech giant Huawei has released a report based on data gathered over 3 years with academics, customers, industry partners drawn from workshops they've organized including the UN, World Economic Forum and the WHO. The report contains a forecast of sorts using quantitative and qualitative analysis in order to see what's on trend in the next few years. This would hasten industries to identify and discover opportunities in the ICT sector and see where it could apply much of its products in the coming years.

It was discussed by David Wang tje current Executive Director and President of ICT Products and Solutions for Huawei during his keynote speech at the Intelligent World 2030 Forum in Shenzen, China. It was witnessed by industry partners and discusses about how ICT would solve problems and challenges of future tech, what direction to take in communication networks, digital power and automotive solutions. This is part of Huawei's pursuit of a connected and intelligent world which they deem is arriving at a fast pace.

The report includes directions for exploration specifically on health, food, the way we live and transportation. It states the ability to tackle potential health problems by using medical data, the use of IoT and AI devices and make it a way of prevention. They also see a future in vertical farms, 3D printing actual food, zero carbon buildings, aircrafts to take our travel ways to a so called "third space". They also have high hopes for AI and how it goes beyond digital and physical limits, with the help of more innovation in software, architecture and advancements in semiconductor technology, it's going to be possible.  

Aside from that, there will be more empowerment in the digital space hastening low carbon footprint, gains in tech of renewable energy, increase in electric vehicles plus autonomous driving in many places around the globe. Huawei prospects much of these happening in China first, then elsewhere in the globe. Visit their site for more information about it.


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