Julie Anne San Jose is LIMITLESS

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Music encompasses location, religion, almost anything in the world. It brings people closer, it takes us to a journey even without stepping foot out of our homes and is... limitless.

One of GMA's prized singer and artists, Julie Anne San Jose embarks on finding herself in the regions less traveled in the country. Watch her in this musical trilogy called LIMITLESS.

Julie says "This all started when Direk Paolo Valenciano and I had a conversation and asked if we could do a concert. I had a concept in mind, Synergy and GMA wanted to promote tourism, places in the Philippines and reconnect with people across the archipelago. It just came to a point when we didn't know yet what project to call this, is this a concert or movie, we had so much brainstorming done. When it was presented to me, Paolo thought he misses interaction, this pandemic put us through a lot of changes especially in our industry. Artists had to express ourselves through art and different mediums, I also wanted to offer something different, I loved the concept hence this trilogy, do it in different locations in Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and discover new things about myself and this country. I am so thankful to have been able to be given an opportunity to do this. It's also my first time to do something like this, and it's worth it! We haven't really shot much of the trilogy, but we'll do it. I myself have been surprised at what I saw, at the places I've never been to and I'm excited to show what it looks like here. You'll see culture, traditions, things that you see in history books and do it in real life. You'll feel their warmth, the opportunity to go there was really awesome! We want to reconnect, we want to inspire, hopefully through my music they would feel that you can be happy. I am excited for you to see all these. When this was pitched to me, it was like having a panic attack, I felt I really wanted this, it was perfect for me because I was preoccupied with things when I travel for work and just go back home, but here, I go to different places, I enjoyed this so much because it didn't feel like work. It's like we're putting on record what we felt and experienced, we waited for a long time for this project, we felt we needed it, it was like a break from the city and it was so nice there!"

If you opt for the VIP tickets, you can get Breathe Heal Rise shirts that will come with your tickets. Tickets for this particular show can be purchased on GMANetwork.com/synergy (and also the answers to your questions) so register early and get one.


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