The CREST Loft Bed by Home Suite

Thursday, September 09, 2021

It's been a while since I've featured something by Home Suite, but this one is actually a nice thing to show you especially if you're in a room with small square footage. If you're working or studying, chances are, you're going to spend hours on an office chair, an office table, but you're still figuring out how to do it when you've got no space. Well, you don't have to ask a magician to make one because there exists a "CREST Loft Bed". This is made by Home Suite which has all gotten their products in major malls nationwide.

It's a space saving solution for those who need to study, work and sleep in a small space without feeling cramped or unsafe. It's made of steel frames, pretty smooth and stable. They also got this powder coated so it doesn't corrode or chip when accidents happen. It can also be cleaned easy, has space for shelves so you can put your knick knacks or books on top and some lighting on the side. It also has side lining with pouches so you can store gadgets and other stuff when you need to.  It's also easy to assemble, doesn't take a genius, simple and sturdy.

Filipino craftsmanship done right, reasonably priced, I want this for myself no joke! If you want one, call +632 8-361-1127 / 8-546-0563 from 9AM to 5PM Mondays to Saturdays. Else, you can visit leading malls where they are also displayed.


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