Mikael Daez Thankful for his 11th Year with GMA

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

I remember Mikael Daez in Penshopee Denim Lab and other Philippine Fashion Week shows. I've been shooting runway for a couple of years and to say that his chiseled jawline is a dream for every guy til now. He still has that body, married Miss World Megan Young, still doing shows, vlogs, podcasts, and still is, an actor for GMA.

Seeing him so happy a couple of days ago in his home with Megan, Mikael was full of optimism when he signed once again with GMA. It's a contract renewal, on his 11th year, which he showed he was extremely proud of. And recent shows especially Love of My Life has been a hit, which means he's going to do more. They've got plans already but as the interview progressed... we couldn't squeeze it out of them. That's just  a sign we're bound to be surprised about what he's going to do in the next few years.

I wish Mikael all the best! He deserves all of these, because he's been a good guy.

Congratulations bud! Keep on grinding!


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