Ms. CARMI MARTIN for Yamang Bukid Insulin Plant Tea

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Yamang Bukid was founded 7 years ago as a home based business. They have produced the Yamang Bukid Turmeric Tea and have successfully distributed it around the country and elsewhere in the world. With the new found success, they're now launching a new product called Yamang Bukid Insulin Plant Tea and putting in a new endorser, health advocate and comedy icon Ms. Carmi Martin. 

Ms. Carmi Martin says "When I had COVID last year, I was really sad because I lost a KathNiel project because of that, that was very big. I exercised, I prayed hard, and inspired people while dealing with it. I took the Yamang Bukid Turmeric Tea and now, they've gotten a new product the Yamang Bukid Insulin Plant Tea. I take it after lunch to make sure my sugar is managed. I am so happy to be their brand ambassador because I truly believe in their product. It's part of my lifestyle, especially now during the pandemic. Even before they approached me, I already have been drinking it so there's really no hesitation. I've been drinking the tea before I do my prayers. Everyday is a challenge for me, when I feel fat, stay at home and relax, and skin gets affected, I change it, I work out and in my age, I feel so blessed I still take care of myself. When I got to the facility in Makati, I carried my Yamang Bukid Turmeric tea and took it. I was asymptomatic, and taking it everyday helped my health wise. Together with my vitamins, it helped me a lot when I took it hot. Currently for work, I have HOY LOVE YOU! on iWANT TFC, Love You Stranger on GMA, Sampung Querida (under Jun Lana), and yes I'm doing GVBoys under Puregold Channel. My relative recommended it to me, and now I do recommend it to my co-artists these days. Yamang Bukid really helped a lot, I didn't go to hospitals when I got sick, because I have this in my lifestyle. The Insulin tea, I could see its anti inflammatory effects after a while. I don't have to wait to have a sugar problem, and taking it once a day is enough for me. How I wish I had my own farm, I am inspired by how Yamang Bukid started and seeing them become successful in agriculture, and become a blessing to Filipinos, it's a business with a heart and I really am impressed by it. I really highly recommend it. Even before I got COVID, I was always taking precaution, even now at home I had to make sure my Mother, my kin, everyone at home should take measures that would prevent that from happening again. To help me deal with it, I drink the tea so I get my health in check. Always stay safe and I hope you spread the news about the Yamang Bukid Insulin Plant Tea. Stay positive in attitude and stay negative with COVID!"

Yamang Bukid has been doing research on the wonders of the Insulin plant. Dave Agcaoili the Assistant Vice President for R&D says "This product can be taken by non hypo glycemic customers and we've had people attesting to its health benefits. This Insulin Plant tea regulates blood sugar levels, used as a dietary supplement in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, and is also rich in protein, phytochemicals, iron and has a lot of anti oxidants. Costus igneus or the insulin plant has been consumed for years especially in India, South America, and what we want as a company is to spread how useful this is by consuming it. It is not recommended to use this in lieu of current prescriptions. It should be taken along side what is advised by doctors. Diabetic patients observed efficacy on their 15th day, improved glycemic control when consumed in addition to past treatments for diabetes and current medication. Yamang Bukid makes sure that it is produced in Yamang Bukid Farm in Palawan. They are PhilGAP Certified. They follow documented procedures to make sure BPI verified the insulin plants they grow. No flavor enhancers, artificial preservatives either. It is ground, dried, and when taken tastes a little sour, recommended to be taken after meals so as not to induce acidity. This is for adults only, not recommended for children, pregnant of lactating mothers. It also has a one year shelf life and is available in pouch and tea bag packaging. This is also certified by the FDA, no other insulin plant tea has been registered under them. It has undergone various tests so quality is assured. It is recommended to also take it purely as is, not mixed with other beverages." 

To share her experience, Ms. Naneth Versoza a hotel executive from Palawan says "I have been diabetic for 18 years and had been in denial for a few years. I've had a stroke, got paralyzed, my speech had impediments, I used insulin injections together with medication, with change in lifestyle and drinking the insulin tea, my sugar levels are now stable at 110-100. I assure you the tea is effective, I know diabetes has a lot of complications, and I hope this helps lessen that. I'm sure this will help a lot of people, I've seen the growth of Yamang Bukid."

"We made this with Filipinos in mind, so it could help them with diabetes and other conditions. We have survived the panemic and we will get through it, we're producing this and helping a lot of people including farmers and diabetes patients. This is our pride, we made something that helps a lot of people, lots of businesses generated and help our countrymen become huge in the world stage. The company is small, and when we started the pandemic hit and we had to close stores. We ventured online and saw how our initiatives have become huge, we survived, but yes we lost a lot of stores because of restrictions. We are slowly growing, and people are seeing the good things that Turmeric and Insulin Tea can bring. We know we have a good one in our hands, propagate farming, and we've kept them as much as possible be affordable. It costs 30 pesos per tea bag, better than tea shops you see in commercial places. That alone is good in our books." Mordino Visitacion, CEO of Yamang Bukid Healthy Products Inc.

If you have questions about their products, just search their Facebook page at Yamang Bukid Healthy Products Inc., I can't wait to try it out myself because I've been taking the leaf from the plant for a couple of months now. The tea form might prove to be better for me. Congratulations Yamang Bukid and Ms. Carmi!


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