Winners Bared in Huawei ICT Competition Philippines 2021

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Tech giant Huawei has held an ICT Competition annually for over 50 university partners in the Philippines and recently, they have announced the winners for the different categories initiated by the Huawei ICT Academy. This is being done to boost the competitiveness in the job market, to hone home grown skills and help grow the ICT industry in the country. Initially they only had 10 partner universities in 2019 and a few students certified in the past year. There has been exponential growth and Huawei hopes to certify over 5000 individuals within 5 years including trainers from different institutions in the Philippines. 

Their theme this year is "Connection, Glory, Future" which is quite apt. For the Cloud Category, the University of the East was named champs. The team was composed of Professor Alexis John Rubio, Computer Engineering students Jio Vince Chua, Jerwin Samala and Mark Jayson Gutierrez. The warriors have been partners with Huawei since May this year and has been part of the Huawei ICT Academy partners that can do ICT trainings for UE Faculty Members and Students too.  

In Networking, the team from STI College got top prize, while first place went to Mapua University (cloud) and Cebu Institute of Technology- University (networking). The announcement was witnessed by Hon. Prospero De Vera, Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education and Dr. William Torres the "Father of the Philippine Internet". They also shared their insights on technological interventions and practical applications of ICT. Exposing them in these kind of competitions will get them exposed and solve problems in the real world. The teams will get to represent the Philippines in the Asia Pacific round and soon the Huawei ICT Competition Global Finals.

I am so happy for what my fellow Computer Engineers from UE has achieved. Can't wait to see them conquer bigger challenges soon!


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