LENOVO Unleashes Yoga Slim 7 Pro OLED Display and Lenovo Go Accessories

Thursday, September 30, 2021

They've been getting feedback from their users for years and this time, they're putting it to good use as they launch the new YOGA Slim 7 Pro and their very own Lenovo GO Accessories in the Philippines. 
Lenovo's Consumer Business Lead Mr. Joey Nocom says "Our latest and newest products are in the country. These are made with smarter technology with a purpose for all in mind. We are accelerating PC's to be mobile, more powerful. We aim to help efficiency, for more productivity. The Yoga OLED devices, and Lenovo GO accessories does that."

Yoga Slim 7 Pro

Consumer 4P Manager for Lenovo JB Aquino explained to us what the YOGA devices are and why it's some of the most premium devices by Lenovo. "We pursue integration, do AI, better performance and security when and where its needed. With the YOGA lineup, you can see why it is made of premium materials. You often see this in YOGA's built and design this year. Right now, we're making more premium colors availbale in Lenovo devices. Lenovo YOGA is built tough, for recreation, for play too. The Lenovo YOGA Slim 7/7i Pro OLED has hybrid parts, built to be used at home or at work. It enables users do things according to their lifestyle. One will come with an intel processor, the other comes in AMD. The AMD variant, you'll get a Ryzen 9 processor, manage a higher CPU and GPU so you get a lot of performance out of it. It's made of metal chassis, aluminum. The other has really good display, 12 hours battery life, thunderbolt ports, has intel EVO certification. OLED 2.8K display at 90Hz, 400 nits, dolby HDS Trueblack display makes sure your content looks phenomenal while editing and after uploading it on your video host/social channels. Better batteries, more performance, can do more when plugged in. It also uses AI machine learning, can manage power for CPU and GPU, drives CPU with more power. It has adequate cooling despite its thin body. The 16:10 OLED display can do 10 bit color and Dolby vision, 1ms response time which is 25% faster than ordinary LCD or 60Hz displays of laptops these days. It's catered for content creation, you can do browsing, word processing, video editing, and is ultra bright with its resolution. You also get great color reproduction, something you have to experience yourself first hand. I hope you can experience this in the coming months too. The Yoga Slim 7 Pro on the other hand has faster RAM, 2.8K OLED display, impressive in all areas. We'll bring this to the market with 16GB RAM, and a price of 64,999+++. The YOGA Slim 7 Pro will come with premium care warranty."

Lenovo Services

Lenovo Premium Care comes three years when you purchase a device. Tech will help diagnose through calls, should there be a need, do onsite repairs.

The Lenovo Smart Performance software removes malware, improves overall laptop performance in the process.

Lenovo Accidental Damage Protection (2 Years of accidental damage protection due to spills, drops, normally an add on for 3-4K pesos. They will introduce this in the models arriving soon.

Lenovo GO Accessories 
Work from home is being normalized and now we have a small office space at home. It's all about flexibility, whether we are in school or at the office, everything should be mobile. Remote work sometimes fall short, everyone has work standards, like a quiet space, ergonomic chair, a good table that can handle all. Accessories are needed for this. With the noisy environment and all that trouble, productivity suffers so we need something that would solve that. This is why LENOVO GO was created.
The Lenovo GO accessories make it better together. Capable to adapt, it completes power, audio and input for your work at home setup. The Lenovo Go USBC Wireless Mouse costs Php 2,495. The Lenovo GO Wireless Multi Device Mouse on the other hand costs Php 3,495. The Lenovo Go Wireless Vertical Mouse, Wireless Keyboard, Wireless Numeric Keypad, USBC ANC In Ear Headphones, Wired Speakerphones, Wired ANC Headset, USB C 20K mAh Power banks, Wireless Charging Kit will be coming soon. Their goal is to give Filipinos more access for more smarter technology, and I think they're bound to accomplish that. Why? because they're Lenovo!


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