Have You Tried the Jollibee Champ Jr.?

Sunday, September 05, 2021

I had a bout of craving a few days ago and the fix was actually easy, I bought 6 Jollibee Champs for dinner. I was so excited to go home because it's been a while since I've had one. Honestly, I could finish this all in one sitting but of course, I shared this with my family. I was on my second Champ when my Mom suddenly told me to eat half of her Champ too because she loves it, she just couldn't finish a whole burger. I remember seeing a poster in Jollibee Ali Mall and if I only knew this would happen today, I could have ordered her the new Jollibee Champ Jr.!



It's basically the junior sized version of the beefy Jollibee Champ. This also comes in the same flavors as the regular one like the Amazing Aloha and Bacon Champ. It's also cheaper too so you don't need to get the bigger one if you're not in the mood to finish the bigger size like my Mom. Other than that, you can always order the CHAMP and get a knife then give me the rest if you're not eating it LOL!

This only costs Php 69.00. The Amazing Aloha Champ Jr. and Bacon Champ Jr. on the other hand costs Php 90.00. If you don't want to go out of your home, you can always call #87000 or visit jollibeedelivery.com or use the food apps like Grab Food or Food Panda if you need your Champ fix. I've seen their branches employ pretty good precaution and follow health protocols inside their store. Get them and eat it while it's hot!


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