Movie Producer Rina Navarro's Kids (3 and 8) Contracted COVI-19

Friday, September 03, 2021

The Producer of epic film Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo's and Unfiltered Skin Care CEO Rina Navarro just recently posted that her kids Rain (8 years old) and Theo (3 years old), has tested positive for COVID-19. 

Her kids are currently at their residence and showed no symptoms (asymptomatic). They are now doing tests while self isolating. They are on their way to recovery. Though the kids have not left their home, they have traced their driver who have gone home his family on a weekend, who then infected their kasambahay, who got the kids at risk. The family is wishing for everyone's recovery and hope others who have people who work from outside do extreme caution because getting this virus is no joke. She also would like to send prayers for kids who are undergoing the same fate as hers and follow protocols set by IATF and the government.

Ms. Rina adds “I'd like to ask people to PLEASE stay at home. Try as much to not allow visitors at home because we are all vulnerable. It's not just the old folks, but even kids and babies are affected. Remember, getting vaccinated doesn’t mean you are totally immune or won’t be able to carry the virus. Please wear your face masks and face shield especially if you have kids and elders at home.”

So if you're still hesitating to get vaccinated, please see this happens to kids too. They need to be safe, so do the right thing!


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