Tagaytay Highlands Ups Digital Assets

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

The pandemic has affected a lot of industries and tons of businesses have ceased operations in the country. Though bleak in some sectors, real estate has seen growth despite the odds. Tagaytay Highlands for example has adapted well in digital where they've gotten home buyers to look at assets clearly even without physically visiting sites.

Take for example Horizon Terraces Garden Villas, they have their Glendale model unit on a 360 degree virtual walk-through so their clients don't have to go there anymore. It's a really good alternative especially for those who couldn't go out since there are still restrictions in Manila and nearby cities. With a few clicks, you can go to every corner of the house and see it like you're there. It's also accessible on Android, iOS, Windows OS or Mac.

Upping the ante with that 360 degree virtual walk through is Tagaytay Highlands' very own Virtual Tour Guide which gives a more welcoming treat and personalized service so they can see what it feels living in a Garden Villa home. It shows the Glendale model unit, ground and second floor, the living room, dining and kitchen as well. There's also a third floor where the bedrooms are located and you can see that all including a view from the balcony because there are gardens and Midlands Golf Course near the property. You may see it too on their Glendale Model Unit Walk through on YouTube.

They also have Garden Villas which measure from 136 to 168 square meters, built 7 in each cluster with privacy and security in mind. Horizon Terraces Garden Villas on the other hand is closer to the golf course, cable cars and the sports facilities as well. They also have pools, world class restaurants and the Country Club which members love. If you opt for a personal visit, they have strict protocols to follow. Their property management also follow this and employ precautionary measures to make sure everyone is safe. They've been recently awarded a Safety Seal courtesy of the Tagaytay City Government which is just a proof of what they're doing in this place. For those starting a family, finding a place to live in Tagaytay, they've got flexible payment terms for The Garden Villas. They even turn over properties virtually to prevent physical events and keep you safe.

If you want to live in Tagaytay Highliands, give them a call via +63275052422 or +639175150458. You can also visit tagaytayhighlands.com or their social network pages Tagaytay Highlands on FB and IG.


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