Dairy Queen Outs OVALTINE Themed Desserts

Sunday, September 05, 2021

I'm sure I'm not alone if I tell you that I've had several breakfast or snack instances where you just sit in the corner and put several heaping tablespoons of Ovaltine in a coffee cup, and eat it like a champ. I've rarely seen them on grocery shelves these days, and when I saw that they're having an Ovaltine fest on the Dairy Queen in Ali Mall yesterday, I knew I had to have em and more!

Ovaltine just wreaks of nostalgia, it brings back a lot of memories especially when I've been a good kid. Seeing it mixed with my favorite treats from Dairy Queen is just another level. See, they've had the brains to make new flavors out of it.

For the lovely Blizzards, they made Ovalcano Blizzard, Mocha Ovaltine Blizzard and the Berry Ovaltine Blizzard. They also have those fancy Ovaltine Parfait and the Ovaltine Milk Shake for those who would love to drink it off the cup. If you are a group of 3 or 4, better get the Ovaltine To Go Tin Cakes. If you have an occasion or something special, get the Ovaltine Blizzard Cake which is available in 2 sizes, a 6 and an 8 inch cake.

You can only experience this special Ovaltine themed flavors until October 4 so make sure you place an order soon. You can call 89111111 or their website dairyqueen.com.ph. You can also order them via food delivery apps like Grab Food, Food Panda or shopping app Pickaroo. I've had my fix already, it's not too sweet, so go ahead and indulge! 

Take home an Ice Cream cake, I'm sure your kids would love this!


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