Viral Star MADAM INUTZ Outs Debut Single "INUTIL"

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Oh yes, looks like life is getting better for Daisy Lopez. Known for her crazy antics as the ultra viral online seller "Madam Inutz", she's taking the newly found fame and success even further by pursuing one of her passions... which is music. She just released the official music video of her single "Inutil", something that she and her management has been working on for a while now. It's now up on her official YouTube channel and was published last September 23, that's last Thursday.   

Madam Inutz has impressed, to say the least, the netizens who have been eagerly waiting for this to happen. I could liken it to something that Korean rap star Jessi would do. The production value of this video, is absolutely nuts!

Albeit the song is a bit of on the novelty side, her raspy voice fits it perfectly. She's in tune, she's got that angst, I might even say she fits this like a glove. Definitely gives me that rock vibe that Aegis does, quite explosive, fun, with frank lyrics, dang she's good! Madam Inutz says she's inspired with the music of Miley Cyrus. She's wearing the recording artist hat like a champ, they prepared for this, and it turned out great. As you can also see, whoever is styling her must be given a raise because they didn't make her look alien from usual things she wears. They just prepared well, made more of her personality come out... as if she even needs that, right?

The song "Inutil" was composed by Ryan Soto. Think of it as a song that was made exactly for her. He included all the things that Madam Inutz would always mention in her livestreams. Terms like "Inutil, gunggong, oh jiiieva!" were something that they made sure to be included in the lyrics. Aside from that, this tells the story of her struggles, how she ended up making a living selling clothes, things online. Add to that, her experiences living in communities like Tondo and Cavite. She just like the rest of us is trying to earn a living, and in her case, she's also paying for the care of her Mom as she's still ill and needs support for her medical treatment. It inspired her to work hard which she hopes would also be something that other people could relate to. She also wishes that they learn from her life story, because no matter what it would look like to her detractors, she's triumphed over a lot of challenges. She's one tough cookie.

She's over the moon about the things she's enjoying today. She's very THANKFUL for the help she's had especially to her manager, Mr. Wilbert Tolentino who took her under his wings during one of the toughest times of her life. The kind philanthropist, businessman and entertainment mogul still has a lot of plans for Madam Inutz and hopes they continue their partnership and friendship. Under his tutelage, he's planning to have Madam Inutz take entrepreneurship lessons so she would be armed with the right knowledge in order to continue and grow her business. Aside from that, he's going to guide her with her career choices and show her the ropes in growing her YouTube channel, and other social media accounts. Isn't it wonderful to have an angel by your side to help you? Madam Inutz is certainly going places!

Her single "Inutil"by the way is now available for download and streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Youtube Music and other digital stores/streaming platforms. Make sure you also watch the video above and subscriber to her YouTube channel because they plan to upload more out there soon.


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