Personal Collection Goes Green

Friday, September 03, 2021

Filipino owned and operated Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc. just recently laucnhed their flagship products Tuff TBC (Toilet Bowl Cleanser) and sof & mmmmm..... Concentrated Fabric Conditioner in their all new green biodegradable packaging. This is in line with their stern commitment on their core values and mission to provide a Great Life for every Filipino.
This new packaging is pretty good as it doesn't need to decompose in landfills for thousands of years, as it disintegrates in around 5-10 which is good for the environment. You can also up-cycle it in different ways and doesn't affect what's inside it. Your cleanser and conditioner stays fresh, able to clean, and reliable as always.

 Tuff TBC kills up to 99.99% of disease causing germs, bacteria and makes sure you are safe at home, offices, public spaces. sof & mmmm.... on the other hand is a fabric conditioner that contains perfume micro crystals that prevent those amoy kulob moments. It also helps your clothes from getting stretched, discoloration, fading, and makes your clothes smell fresh up to 30 days (when you keep it).

The company advocates #GreenLifeGreatLife and makes sure to deliver products that are of quality and use packaging that have bodegradable solutions. They are also planning to do mangrove planting and reforestation as part of their environmental efforts. This is a nationwide campaign to help minimize/rid of single use plastic ans wastes, hoping that the public would also follow suit.

I am so happy to see your efforts, I use the Tuff brand too and knowing that the company behind it is this responsible, I would really look forward to my next purchase and see how it goes to good deeds like these.


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