Huawei Urges ICT Industry to Innovate Nonstop for Faster Digitalization

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Looks like a lot of things happned in the recent Huawei Connect 2021 event. Eric Xu opened the event with a keynote speech urging ICT professionals to "Innovating Nonstop for Faster Digitalization". It does make sense to do that especially when businesses are in the midst of recovering from the hit of the economical challenges of the pandemic.

The event also will be featuring speakers from different private corporations, industry leaders, and over 200 speakers in different topics plus several exhibitions and discussions which can be viewed on Huawei's corporate website.

Xu also reiterated how it is important to innovate to create value in digital technology. He also shared how Huawei has pursued technology in low carbon emissions which they assume is going to. He cited examples like the Huawei Cloud and how it has grown the throng of developers they have for it, bringing in partners from the industry as they make even more services available to the public. To ultimately have these be used by startups, enterprise, government agencies, so they could all go digital. He also introduced UCS which is a ubiquitous cloud native service which is available in the Huawei Cloud.

If you would like to know more about the subject, head on to and watch the videos of previous talks held in China.


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