JOLLIBEE Releases Limited Edition Jollibee Funko Soda!

Saturday, September 25, 2021

If you love Jollibee, Funko and everything in between, you probably have seen the recent announcement in the Jollibee Facebook page about this a couple days ago. It's an exclusive Jollibee Funko Soda made from the partnership with well loved brand Jollibee and Funko.

It's only available to order via the Jollibee app which you can download off the App Store or Google Play buy purchasing a meal of 200 peso value and shell out Php 790 for it. Jollibee also has said there will be in some cans, a limited edition Chase glow in the dark version (which collectors would surely go crazy for). 


This will only be available until September 26th, so you've got a few hours left to get one from the app. As of this writing, I've been trying to get one but it's taking its own sweet time to load. There have been successful purchases already as I've seen a few on social media. You better download the app today and try your luck to get one! (Oh and it's only available in a few select stores!)


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