PH Contact Center Industry Lauded by Government

Thursday, September 30, 2021

A tough and brazen partner in economic recovery, the local contact center industry was praised by the Philippine government for its efforts in making sure business is moving and for being resilient during the pandemic.

The Secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry says "We have seen your work despite the huge challenges of COVID-19, the third quarter of this year shows IT-BPM's recovery. It had posted moderate growth and is steadily rising in the last few months." This was mentioned during the Contact Islands '21 session on "Government and Private Partnership: Road to Recovery".

IATF Karlo Nograles also attests on how the IT-BPM industry has continued to lead in employment generation even on the countryside. He also mentions how Filipino IT-BPM workers have remained competitive and remain to be a crucial part of how we could transition to the new normal. CCAP Chair Benedict Hernandez reiterated how it is crucial for IT-BPM firms to have backing from the government as the industry was classified to be essential during these times and keep support intact for clients and keep their employees employed too. CCAP President Jojo Uligan on the other hand thanks the government for listening to the sector so they could remain in operation and complete procedures on protocols in work from home arrangements, so it would stay safe during these times. Lopez also said that the contact center and IT BPM industry continue to implement programs and reforms to continue the drive towards economic recovery. He's also keen this would create more opportunities and satisfy patrons even if needs are changing locally and internationally.


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