Hyundai Home Appliances Taps DASORI CHOI as New Ambassador

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

She's Korean and made waves appearing in the longest running noontime show in the country. She's a spirited dancer and can give idol groups a run for their money. She's a sensation in popular social channels and continues to inspire pinoys to be the best that they can be. She's got the heart of a Filipino and yes, today is a momentous occasion for her and Korea's top brand Hyundai Home Appliances. She's Dasori Choi, who is now Hyundai Home Appliances newest brand ambassador.
Hyundai Home Appliances Philippines Product Manager Robby Lim says "Hyundai home appliances have been around for years now. We have Smart TV's, Air Conditioners, home appliances that's of international quality. As we launch our partnership with Dasuri today, we want you to know that Hyundai still remains as the heart of the home."

Dasuri Choi "I am so happy that I got a top brand as an endorsement. I've been in the country for 11 years in the Philippines. I have a family business here, but I love the people. Aside from that, I've loved the Philippines and I miss my family a lot. My father is here, but I'm the only one in Manila. I haven't gone home for 2 years because of the pandemic but I feel home here too. I don't feel homesick, but now I'm alone in Manila and miss Korea sometimes too. I decorated my house with things from Korea, so I started completing my essentials with Korean brands like Hyundai. I want everyday to be light and energetic, Filipinos and Koreans adore Coffee and every morning I prepare a cup so I'm ready to dance whenever I create content or guest in shows. I focused more on working out and prepare meals at home. If I wanted to chill and relax, I spend much time with my dog so I look for relaxing music for them so they don't get stressed with thunder and lightning. When it's hot, I set the airconditioning and electric fan to the right temperature and watch my favorite shows on television, this is where Hyundai came in perfectly.I am very OC, I feel so satisfied seeing a clean home and always make it a point to pick up stuff even if it's not on schedule. I'm quite independent, so I also prepare Korean food like Tteokbokki, Samgyupsal, because I miss home cooking." 

Rowiji Soler their product manager also showcased some of Hyundai's home appliances to us during the presscon. They have Digital LED rice cookers, Built in Double Burner Gas Stoves, infrared cooker (for those who don't want flames in condos), Circular Electric Grills and Coffee Makers. Simona on the other hand introduced their Gas Ranges, 55 Inch Ultra HD LED Smart TV (wherein you can also browse social media), Inverter window type and split type air conditioners. They can't wait for you to have one in your homes.

My favorite is the airconditioner and the rice cookers. They actually save you money in the long run, so yes, it is a worthwhile investment. They're coming out with more products especially this holiday season. If you want to know more about Dasori Choi and the things she'll be doing with Hyundai Home Appliances, check out or their social channels Hyundai Home Philippines on FB and @HyundaiHomePH on IG. It's all there!


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