Gary Valenciano for the PRAY.COM App

Thursday, September 09, 2021

This campaign photo of Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano was taken by the Valenciano's good friend, the late Raymund Isaac+ who was also given acknowledgement during the event.


There's nothing but goodness in your heart in the morning, to see and hear that the Philippines very own Gary Valenciano as the Philippine ambassador of an app called PRAY which is available in Google Play and the App Store. It's the number one prayer and faith based app on both platforms, and you can download it now. has been founded by Steve Gatena, a social impact company that promotes growth using prayer. The mobile app has daily devotionals, podcasts, bedtime stories, valuable life lessons and articles which includes reading from Hollywood stars. Steve says "We're excited to come to the Philippines. The number one audio and faith based app. I began this during a hardship in life, but prayers got me through it. In a time of a global health pandemic, we're battling depression, and people are asking to support their spirit. You can win the fight with the power of prayer, to remember that God is always with you. You are loved, and your spirit is eternal. The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of God stands forever. This app brings prayer in a new way, the number one app is now doing bible based content with some of the biggest celebrities in the world. Gary is an inspiration in the Philippines and the US, we all know he has been an inspiration in the world. His miraculous voice is full of love, we create inspirational content, choose celebrities and partners to create like these and partners like Globe to exemplify the power of prayer, to unify corporations around the world. I encourage you all to throw your anxiety to him, because he cares. We are glad, Gary has wholeheartedly shared the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Gary says "I spent time with friends from and when I was there, I felt I was doing something that I wanted to do. The sense of doing a prayer, I'm really honored to be doing this. When I did it, I thought of my kids and reading it to them. I have always wanted this change of voice, it's like sharing my heart. Filipinos here and across the world will now hear Bible stories that I read on the app. Prayer connects you to the one who hears, tapping into this power each time you pray, it makes a more powerful connection to the true source of all these powers. The app will also be featuring prayers, morning gratitude statements, bedtime stories based on the Bible. You'll see more of me on the app soon! I pray when things don't go my way, God isn't surprised about that. In 2018 I had my health scare, but even if there's a virus today, I cannot let it take over. I know I am in the hands of God, I will not fall, I will not get affected because he is with me. When everything else is not working, we learn to be still. This PH endorsement is something that is ripe, I cannot say it will answer all, however, this is the kind of peace that God gives us so we would be at peace. When you're stuck in traffic, when your doctor says you're sick, when you pray, he's right there with you. It is important for me to be part of something like this. When you pray, you're not just saying words, you are telling the ONE, you open that avenue that only you and him can journey with together. It's easier said and done if you have anxiety, when you can't be with the sick, with prayer, you lift it up to God. He will guide your minds and heart, it's in Christ that does things we cannot even imagine. Even before the pandemic, I know that I am with the Lord's hands. When I saw the app, when I knew that I'm going to be part of this, you'll be surprised at the amount of content that makes this a good one."

Steve adds "I was so excited to do the national day of prayer in the US. As someone who believes in prayer, it was a dream come true. It was a catalyst to get celebrities for all our live streams. When we got in touch with Gary V., his willingness to pray for and with another country, it just came together with the power of prayer. It opened the door for us to work together and doing this today."

The app also has a community feature, in it you can do prayer requests, wherein your friends and family can also join in if they are also registered on the app. You can listen to it daily, so go ahead and download it today!


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